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Melon and lettuce cultivation

In Yunotsu establishment, we started the agriculture business basing on the site of a former factory in 2010. We brought up with the simple hydroponic cultivation system (commonly known as toro box cultivation) developed by the Shimane Prefectural Agricultural Technology Center as a method of cultivating 2 types of melon and lettuce on a concrete basement environment. In addition, besides the drainage system, we also apply a solar radiation proportional control device, which helps the plants grow efficiently.

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Toro box cultivation and Solar radiation proportional control device

■Toro box cultivation: The styrofoam box (Toro box) which originally use for fish keeping, is used for putting the chaff, beet and coconut husk inside. By adding growth medium, nutrients, supply water according to the growth of the plans, we can maitain the stable cultivation.

■Solar radiation proportional control
This system can quantify the cultivation environment and supply fertilizer, water according to the light intensity. Thus it enables to make the plant grows up efficiently.

  • Toro box

    Toro box

  • Solar radiation proportional sensor

    Solar radiation proportional sensor

  • Control System equipment  for Solar radiation proportional

    Control System equipment for Solar radiation proportional

  • Liquid fertilizer supply device

    Liquid fertilizer supply device

Main product

  • Amusu Melon
    Amusu Melon
    Harvest season
    ●Spring melon: From early July to early August (Order: Until June)
    ●Autumn melon: From mid-October to early November(Order: Until September)
    ●Lettuce: From early January to mid-March
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  • レタス(レガシー)
    Harvest season
    ●From late December to late February (Gifts-sale unapplicable)
    Compare with the open-field cultivation, the product has low risk of pests and reduce the number of times doing prevention and extermination of harmful insects.

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