Aluminum Gravity Casting

Aluminum Gravity Casting

Aluminum gravity die casting is one of Aluminum casting mold metal methods.
This is a method to inject melted aluminum into metal mold by only gravity power. In comparison with sand casting, this method has advantages in high productivity, accuracy of product, capability to produce complicated shape and smooth surface.

Gravity Casting

Aluminum Gravity Casting Flow Chart

Aluminum Gravity Casting  Flow ChartAluminum Gravity Casting  Flow Chart

  • Casting line

    Casting line

  • melting furnace

    melting furnace

  • casting


  • Automatic plan cutting machine

    Automatic plan cutting machine

  • Heat treatment furnace

    Heat treatment furnace

  • X-ray inspection equipment

    X-ray inspection equipment

Tochu does consistently all processes, which are making ideas of products made from AC2B material, mold design, processing of heat, inspection, and machining processing. Also, for complicated shapes, it is excepted to produce fastly and greatly cut down expense by using core. in inspection, we keep a complete service situation for every product's X line inspection. we have service for a small number of prototypes of course, and also for mass‐produced goods.
With our skills, we will produce a product which is fitting for customer's needs.

Equipment list

Main equipment format size Manufacturer Owned number Remarks
Melting furnace SMK300 0.3t/Hr SHOEI MFG.CO.,LTD. 1 AC4CH material
Melting furnace FM-1050 0.5t/Hr Sanken Sangyo Co., Ltd. 1 AC2B material
Casting Machine (Horizontal Split) MO-0192 L750×W700mm Sanco 1
Casting Machine (Tilt Type) TC80M L700×W850mm OSAKASHELL CO.,LTD 1
Robot pouring molten aluminum R-2000iA - FANUC CORPORATION 1
Cutting machine SM-130 - SANMEI CO.,LTD. 2
T6 heat treatment furnace - 300kg/batch Chubu Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd 1 Batch formula
X-ray inspection equipment MR300 W300×D400×H600mm TOSHIBA IT & CONTROL SYSTEMS CORPORATION 1
Shot blasting machine SHBX-1 - SINTOKOGIO, LTD. 1
Strain inspection equipment (Automatic judgment) - EBINO Co., Ltd 1

Production capacity


Steel type

  • AC2B
  • AC4CH

Factory certification

  • ISO 9001/2015 (JSAQ1383-13)
  • ISO 14001/2015 (JSAE1289-9)

Automobile parts

  • Aluminum Hat
  • Intake,Manifold
  • Compressor,Bracket

Main products

  • Two pieces rotor hat

    Two pieces rotor hat

  • Brake caliper

    Brake caliper

  • Intake manifold

    Intake manifold

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Post Code 456-0057
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Established as a company : August 21, 1970
Present capital : 45 million yen
Scope of operations : Cutting, processing and assembly of automobile parts



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Present capital : 44 million yen
Scope of operations : Design, development, manufacturing and sales of alumium and magnesium die casting products for automobile and industrial machines

Sugitani Metal Industry Co.,Ltd.

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