We are a leading company of the silica sand.

As a leading company of RCS manufacturing in Japan, TOCHU is responding to a wide range of customers’ requirements. 
High level of technology and services of TOCHU expand the possibility of Silica sand and contribute widely to the industrial world. 

High quality products and a highly efficient business system are now being required in the world economy. TOCHU has the own production and sales net work not only in Japan but also overseas so that TOCHU can meet timely various needs from customers worldwide. 
In addition, TOCHU has high level of recycling technology for casting sand and is supplying the high quality recycled casting sands at a competitive price. 

Production of silica sand

We have the integrated production networks.

TOCHU has advanced technology in Cast steel, Heat resisting cast, Stainless steel and other products. 
TOCHU can supply a wide range of products from small mass-produced products to heavy products of 1 tons or more through the net work of group companies. 
Especially, TOCHU has developed technology for small mass- produced products and meet various needs of these products. 

TOCHU is also manufacturing large volume of Aluminum die casting products such as Automobile parts. TOCHU has received the highest level rating from customers on the quality of this product and can meet large demand for Aluminum die casting products, especially high quality Aluminum die casting products. 
TOCHU can supply a wide range of Cast products through the integrated production system from the casting to the processing lines in cooperation with the group companies. 

Casting product using silica sand of its own production