Casting material business
( coated sand, dried sand, Sand core and manufacturing of Recycled sand)

Tochu's Resin Coated Sand Meets Every Needs Of Industry

Under the slogan of Handle and treat sand very carefully, even one grain of it", Tochu is currently producing more than 100 types of sand products and meets every need in the industrial world. Based on its long experience and knowhow, Tochu, as a leading company in this field, will continue producing more valuable and high quality products.

●The best-coated sand for casting

Coated sand has a lot of merits, such as strength, liquidity, and. Thus it gets high evaluation as a casting product. It is mixed with new sand and recycled sand, and creates high-quality products with the latest special coated skills. Tochu has departments of recycled and coated sand in each branch and makes around a hundred ten kinds of products. Therefore Tochu can meet a wide range of customer's needs.

Kind and characteristic of RCS

Type Typical Feature
High strength steps for gas defend by low resin, or breaking core by harden casting mold
low expansion steps for veining by low expansion
Peel back resistant Peel back resistant
Fast curing Improved cycle time by improving mold curing speed
odoring less bad smell Improving odor by suppressing the generation of ammonia and formaldehyde during the molding process.
Easy sand removal Reduction of sand residue inside the casting after molding and casting of thin-walled core
Easy collapse Reduction of sand residue inside castings during low-temperature casting (for aluminum)

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  • Mixing sand device

    Mixing sand device

  • Original sand bin

    Original sand bin

Making core from coated sand

making a sand mold, core (named "Nakago"), by fill coated sand into a metal mold and heating it The core enables to creates of complicated shapes.

coated sand

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Genuinely Utilizing Recycled Sand, As Sand Resources Is Limited And Precious Recycling Casting Sand for Environmental Preservation

Tochu, the first company in RCS industry in Japan, have developed a remarkable recycling system which enable us to preserve this limited source-sand.
Tochu has put considerable efforts into recovering and recycling casting sand used by customers.

There are two types of recycled sand, the first system transforms used sand into new casting sand and the second system produces resin coated sand from used sand by coating phenol resin directly or by blending with new sand.
The recycled sand has high quality, almost the same as that of natural sand.
Since the recycled sand has excellent quality in terms of Strength, Fluidity and Thermal expansion characteristics, it also has large cost merits.
The recycled sand is expected to be casting sand of the 21st century.

  • Recycling
  • Reproduction furnace and cooling device

    Reproduction furnace and cooling device

  • Classifier and a postprocessing device

    Classifier and a postprocessing device

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