いつも砂夢 THING NEXT "THE NEW‼"Always dreaming of sand to something next "the new!! "

The key to opening the door to the future is a never-ending challenging spirit.

Using sand found in the lands, people has created
cast metal products, which are more stable and
stronger than wood and stone. Since then, brilliant
culture, industries and amazing technology have
evolved. Dream of Tochu begins from here
Always dreaming of sand to something next the new!!"

In March, 1933, Tochu identified high quality sand in Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture and succeeded in processing this sand for casting. Since then, Tochu is continuously searching for the potentiality of sand as raw material and has contributed greatly to the development of the Japanese industry as a good partner in industrial circles. In addition to the casting sand production, Tochu also started to develop integrated production system. To date, Tochu has developed and expanded new business fields, such as standard steel, Stainless steel and Heat resisting steel, and has recently developed Aluminum die casting business.
Since founding the company more than 80 years ago, Tochu has succeeded in the expansion of its business fields with many support and cooperation from customers.

Tochu has considerable experience and advanced technological knowhow accumulated for more than 80 years, We will respond positively to the diversified needs in the industrial area by maximizing such advantages. The challenging spirit of Tochu is always looking towards the future. As a responsible company contributing in a positive manner to the 21st Century, Tochu will not only reliably supply high quality silica sand, but will also challenge to search effective ways to ensure that the environment is preserved and enhanced by the more efficient use of natural resources. One significant area of successful research thus far has been the handling of used sand and the recycling technology of used sand.

Tochu sincerely appreciates the continuous strong support and cooperation from companies and people concerned.

President Takeshi Morita

Meaning of "Z flag"in TOCHU

There is an idiom "Hang out Z flag" in Japan, which means that Z flag is sign to begin the most important and decisive battle. 
The meaning of "Hang out Z flag" in TOCHU are "Everyone has a proud and dream for this work, enjoys work and performs all obligations required in indomitable Z flag spirit, so that everyone can get happiness."




  • CHALLENGE-チャレンジ-

    • Under the dominant position of TOCHU and its technology, TOCHU is developing new markets and new products in the HV and EV fields.
    • TOCHU builds up new base business by developing new business fields.
  • SPEED-スピード-

    • In order to meet the change of economical situation in the future, TOCHU creates and builds up the more efficient technology of production system, the training system for employees and a more stable and efficient management structure.
  • LINK-リンク-

    • TOCHU creates wider information net works in the industrial world. 
    • TOCHU develops and expands business by the maximum synergy effect in its group of companies.

Philosophy of Management

Motto of Company

  • Responsibility

  • Sincerity

  • Mutual Understand and Cooperation

Philosophy of Management

Creation of an Excellent Company with Quality control as the top priority

  • TOCHU can customers by keeping harmony with natural environment and producing valuable products
  • TOCHU can get credibility from customers by performing works with responsibility, sincerity mutual understanding and cooperation,
  • Then, TOCHU can finally achieve both happiness for everyone and the growth of the company

Quality Control Policy

TOCHU acquired proof of ISO9001 on the site of the following businesses.(Registration number :JSAQ1383)

  • Noma RCS Factory and Shell mold Factory
  • Noma Sand Core 2nd Factory
  • Foundry Plant in Industrial Factory
  • Machining Plant in Industrial Factory
  • Aluminum Die casting Factory
  • Aluminum Die casting Factory Aluminum Gravity Casting

TOCHU responds to customers' credibility by the quality assurance and the timely supply of valuable products.

  1. TOCHU always listens to the customers' voice and improves quality and productivity of products to meet such customers' needs.
  2. TOCHU promptly takes action to claims from customers at the first priority.
  3. TOCHU makes continuous efforts to improve the quality in order to avoid any claims and quality trouble on the products.
  4. TOCHU continues the quality improvement activities together with related companies.
  5. TOCHU accomplishes the social responsibility by observing the regulations and rules concerned.

Environmental Policy

TOCHU acquired the proof of ISO14001 on the site of the following businesses.(Registration number:JSAQ1289)

  • Headquarters and Branch room
  • Noma RCS Factory and Shell mold Factory
  • Foundry Plant in Industrial Factory
  • Machining Plant in Industrial Factory
  • The second Plant in industrial Factory
  • Aluminum Die casting Factory

TOCHU observes all relevant regulations and rules concerning the environment and prevents any pollution in our business activity.
And, in order to reduce the environmental impact, TOCHU also improves continuously the environmental management system and associated issues, by establishing the target to reduce the environmental impact and by reviewing periodically its performance.

  1. Reduction of waste goods which will make negative environmental impact
  2. Reduction of energy consumption by the improvement of production efficiency
  3. Effective use of resources by minimizing production loss
  4. Supply of products which are environmentally friendly
  5. Reduction of the environmental risks in relation to the plant location

Company Overview・business Activities・domestic base (access)・customer

Company Overview・business Activities・domestic base (access)・customer

Our footstep over 80 years forms what Tochu's today is.
Various data are more eloquent than words in some cases.
Some numbers describe our sound growth and other numbers also clearly prove our challenge spirit. Each number of all data forms Tochu's history and shows results of our efforts over 80 years since the foundation of Tochu in March 1933.

Affiliated Companies

Affiliated Companies

Gathering Tochu Group Companies'power together, our dream will expand into the future
Tochu has grown and expanded to date by pursuing every potential sand-related business. Our business activities at present cover not only silica sand production, but also various kinds of casting metal production, by merging all comprehensive energy of Tochu group companies together, and take a great leap forward.
Tochu's dream will continue to expand into the future- Always something next the new!! '.

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